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Martha Stewart Painted Furniture

martha stewart painted furniture

    martha stewart
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blue room box with ice cream scene

blue room box with ice cream scene

I took a picture of the entire room box so you could see what it looks like on the outside -- like a little stage.

My 2 year old helped me again. She took the "ice cream cone", better known as coral we found on the beach, and put it on the table. I had put it on the floor like a big abstract sculpture but this is much, much better.
She also insisted on leaving the ottomans in after I had taken them out.
Oh yeah, she scattered the silverware there too. So bizarre but awesome.

ottomans and fireplace are petite princess
brass bowl and books are petite princess
eiffel tower ?
teapot ?
red bowl is re-ment
round table is petite princess
the ship painting i got at a yard sale in a baggie of similar stuff for a buck
the rug is martha stewart faux bois ribbon. next time i use it i will add fringe.

colorful inspiration

colorful inspiration

These are just all the fun little colorful details in my studio that I love. The room is painted a light yellow, the furniture is all very neutral and light in color. The accessories are all silver or stainless steel in color so that the bright colors in my collections really show up.

And the homemade crayon stars were a fun project that I did with my daughter and now we keep them in a big glass jar to enjoy. They were in a Martha Stewart kids magazine.

I love how our studio turned out. I wanted it to be a place where I could feel creative and work on projects, but also spend time with my children. I think the room really is reflective of my personality; I love to be organized and I'm inspired by color and details.

I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour!

martha stewart painted furniture

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