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Victorian Library Furniture

victorian library furniture

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victorian library furniture - 1905 Heal

1905 Heal Furniture Mudie Library Garden Cigarette

1905 Heal Furniture Mudie Library Garden Cigarette

Old Antique Historical Victorian Prints Maps and Historic Fine Art ----------. 1905 Heal Furniture Mudie Library Garden Cigarette An Advertisement Page Taken From The Bystander, An Illustrated Sixpenny Weekly Magazine.Articles Devoted To Travel, Literature, Art, The Drama, Progress, Locomotion, Fox Hunting And Social History.They Depict Photographs Of A Bygone Era Which Would Be Ideal For The Geneologist, Sports Include Tennis, Horse Racing, Polo, Fencing, Golf, Rugby And Football.Lots Of Articles On Fox Hunting And Other Animal Hunts, Comedy And Theatre Also Featured Highly. Date 1905 To 1908. Dates Shown On Top Of Page Or In Title.Each Page Is Approx 11.5 X 8 Inches (290X200), Published At The Graphic Office London.

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Library Chair

Library Chair

Here's the matching chair that's going to go live in our library. The gentleman who sold it to us thinks the fabric is probably original to when it was constructed in the mid Victorian period. I'm inclined to believe him given what I know about fabric history. Sadly the fabric is falling apart on the seat so I'm probably going to have to have it replaced (also the springs are trying to escape out the bottom, which is suboptimal, but fixable).

Alan's siting on the floor there because he's trying to figure out why one of our switched outlets is crazy. When it's turned on it tests as just fine. When it's turned off it tests as completely insane (maybe open neutral? our tester device couldn't even parse what it was doing...). *sigh* This is on the list of things I'm bitter with our real estate agent about. (She was supposed to make sure this got fixed or we got paid so we could fix it, but she dropped the ball.)

Library Couch

Library Couch

This is our new couch for the library. It's a Victorian era antique that I purchased from a gentleman in the twin cities along with a (sort of) matching chair. The couch has been refinished relatively recently, but the chair has not. Both have the clawed feet and the carved lions head details.

victorian library furniture

victorian library furniture

Big Book of Antique Furniture

English, Colonial, and Victorian furniture comprise the most widely collected area of antiques in the U.S. This new massive reference combines three great volumes thoroughly covering these furniture styles. Colonial coverage ranges from 1875 to 1940, while English and Continental coverage is from the Renaissance to the early 20th century and Victorian includes most of the 19th century. Each furniture section includes hundreds of photos, in-depth explanations of furniture styles, history, and current prices. Collectors will learn how to determine value, types of construction techniques and the aging effects of wood. The index makes it easy to locate specific furniture pieces.

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