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Fine Furniture In Atlanta

fine furniture in atlanta

  • Furniture is the mass noun for the movable objects ('mobile' in Latin languages) intended to support various human activities such as seating and sleeping in beds, to hold objects at a convenient height for work using horizontal surfaces above the ground, or to store things.

  • Furniture + 2 is the most recent EP released by American post-hardcore band Fugazi. It was recorded in January and February 2001, the same time that the band was recording their last album, The Argument, and released in October 2001 on 7" and on CD.

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  • A person's habitual attitude, outlook, and way of thinking

  • The capital of the state of Georgia in the US, in northwest central Georgia; pop. 416,474. It was burned by Union forces under Gen. William T. Sherman in 1864 during the Civil War

  • state capital and largest city of Georgia; chief commercial center of the southeastern United States; was plundered and burned by Sherman's army during the American Civil War

  • a siege in which Federal troops under Sherman cut off the railroads supplying the city and then burned it; 1864

  • Atlanta (, ) is the capital and most populous city in the State of Georgia, USA. Atlanta had an estimated population of about 540,900 people. Its metropolitan area is the ninth largest in the country, inhabited by more than 5.4 million people.

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Second Photo-The Birth Home of Dr. Martin Luther King

Second Photo-The Birth Home of Dr. Martin Luther King

The Beginning of Dr. Martin Luther King...
Photo taken by Shanqunette Toney
This second photo was taken outside the birth home of Dr. Martin Luther King. This home was built in 1895 and was occupied by his grandparents on 501 Auburn Avenue in Atlanta. This home has been a part of the historical site for many of years. It has been restored and refurnished with furniture and things that went close in resemblance to the things that the King family had in the home when they were there. There were only a few pieces that were original.
Martin Luther King was born at this home on January 15, 1929 and lived there for about 12 years of his life with his grandparents, parents, sister, brother, a great aunt, and an uncle. Surrounding the home were other fine homes that housed businessman, porters, teachers, millworkers, clergymen, domestics, and laborers. During the tour, we were told that we could not take any pictures or touch any things, so unfortunately I was only able to capture the outside view. The tour guy gave us a lot of history that the home carried including things like; Martin’s sister and brother was also born in the house, some of the things that Martin and his brother did like normal children, and how the family came together as one during hard times. This was a great experience for me. It has been years since I have visited the King Center. I was able to recapture things that I had learned and forgotten in the past.

River Birch Tree

River Birch Tree

This is the River Birch tree also known as betula nigra. It has simple, broad, flat leaves with no lobes and has brown-red bark that peals off. The twigs are rough with sparse hairs. The leaves are fine, double teethed and symmetrical. It can grow up to 80 feet tall but often splits into several trunks. It grow mostly in the eastern United States as a native plant to Georgia. They are typically found on riverbeds and used for erosion control.The River Birch is used for inexpensive furniture, wooden ware, basketball floors, basketball hoops, and turned articles. Native Americans used it as a medicine. It blooms through February and March. Although it likes moist soils it can adapt to drier, and very acidic soils. You know fall is coming when the tree's leaves turn yellow. They have cone like fruits with wings on both sides. The cones can be greater than one inch. River BIrch Trees are prone to birch leafminer.Even though the cousins of this tree are affected by bronze birch borer this specific type is not. Landscapers often use it because it is a strong, non-litter tree.

What tree is it?
Fast Growing Trees Nursery
Birch Tree Care a step-by-step guide
museum state

fine furniture in atlanta

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Price of antique furniture : French envy furniture

Price Of Antique Furniture

price of antique furniture

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price of antique furniture - Antique Trader

Antique Trader Lamps & Lighting Price Guide (Antique Trader's Lamps & Lighting Price Guide)

Antique Trader Lamps & Lighting Price Guide (Antique Trader's Lamps & Lighting Price Guide)

Readers will be enlightened by the comprehensive information they'll find in this all-new collector's guide from America's most trusted source, Antique Trader[registered]. There are thousands of types of lamps and lighting devices that have been produced over the past 200 years and this new book brings together current pricing information on all the major varieties. Detailed descriptions of 2,000 items, highlighted by more than 300 black and white photos, will provide background on everything from primitive Betty lamps and whale oil lamps through the great variety of Victorian kerosene lamps, as well as colorful and unusual lighting from the first half of the 20th century.

79% (15)

Antique Kyodai

Antique Kyodai

While I'm showing photos of my bedroom I thought I'd share one of my favourite pieces of antique furniture.

My 1930's kyodai.

It is a vanity mirror designed to sit on the floor but unfortunately we had a major damp problem with the houses foundation and now it resides on my side dresser.

I got this for a steal on ebay from a local who listed it for only $100. I was the only bidder and got it at a 5th of the price I've seen on on-line Japanese antique dealers.

00-94-1Authentic Japanese antique Choba Merchant Tansu chest

00-94-1Authentic Japanese antique Choba Merchant Tansu chest

Item Name Authentic Japanese antique Choba Merchant Tansu chest New arrival (Feb. 5th.)
Material/Wood Hinoki, Sugi
Age Meiji 1868 -1912
Size W 33 1/2 x D 14 1/2 x H 34 1/2"
Description We have nicely waxed it. All the drawers open and close smoothly.there is a secret drawer behind the middle of the slidings doors.
Item# 0/10112
Price $1,695 Tansu sale 20 % off $1,356

price of antique furniture

price of antique furniture

Antique Trader Tools Price Guide

'"Antique Trader" Tool Price Guide' features 700 large colour photos and 2,000 listings of tools from the late 18th century through the middle of the 20th century, with actual prices from recent tool auctions. It covers advertising, displays, salesman's samples, ephemera, tool-related art, books, catalogues, magazines, manuals, and photos, braces, bits, drills, edged tools, hammers, levels and inclinometers, machinery, planes and scrapers, rules, squares and gauges, saws, scientific, drafting, engineering surveying, and technical instruments, special use and miscellaneous tools, tool chest and benches.

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